BPhA 2013



Theme  (A)   O P E N   C O L O R


FIAP Gold Medal / Polina Plotnikova, United Kingdom, Pomegranates


PSA Gold Medal / Ahmad Aalsaif, Saudi Arabia, Tears honest


PSA Silver Medal / Massimo Daddi, Italy, Want to Freedom


PSA Silver Medal / Valentina Kulagina, United Kingdom, Elf


FIAP Bronze Medal / Marco Bartolini, Italy, Bellezza


FSS Bronze Medal / Manfred Kluger, Germany, Haute couture 1


FIAP Mention / Boon Kah Tan, Malaysia, Paddy field at sunrise


FIAP Mention / Faisal Al-Bisher, Kuwait, The Queen


FIAP Mention / Jinghui Chen,China, Township Autumn


PSA Mention / Sergey Buslenko, Ukraine, Reflections 095


PSA Mention / Sio Hong Fong, Macao, Color of Hope


PSA Mention / Vitaliy Podgurchenko, Russia, Sabrina