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FIAP Blue Badge of the best authors at the Salon / Martin Zurmuehle, Switzerland


AWARDS for theme (A)  N U D E

 FIAP Gold Medal  En Pointe  Tim Pile, UK
 PSA Gold Medal  Jersey girl V  Trond M. Skaret, Norway
 FIAP Silver Medal  Ivory Flame  Maxwell Knowles, UK
 PSA Silver Medal  Rockland  Martin Zurmuehle, Switzerland
 FIAP Bronze Medal  7th month  Jan-Thomas Stake, Sweden
 PSA Bronze Medal  Red Kayt  Ciaran Whyte, Ireland
 PSA Mention  Fallen Angel  Ian Kippax, UK
 PSA Mention  Spirit of the Moment  Isolde Stein Leibold, Germany
 PSA Mention  Table Act 2  Wolfgang Gilges, Germany
 BF&B Mention  Nude 4  Jola Dziubinska, Poland
 BF&B Mention  Saturnalia  Nadezhda Tsvetkova, Bulgaria
 BF&B Mention  Classical pose  Richard Spurdens, UK


AWARDS for theme (B)  P O R T R A I T

 FIAP Gold Medal  Impression  Dmytro Petryna, Ukraine
 PSA Gold Medal  Kayt in profile  Richard Spurdens, UK
 FIAP Silver Medal  Wondering  Hendro Hioe, Indonesia
 PSA Silver Medal  Daria  Ivan Kulikov, Russia
 FIAP Bronze Medal  Rasty Girl No. 2  Wolfgang Loke, Germany
 PSA Bronze Medal  Gray twins 01  Baris Barlas, Turkey
 PSA Mention  Memories  Branislav Backovic, Serbia
 PSA Mention  Girl in a hat  Sergey Borisov, Russia
 PSA Mention  Portrait of Photographer  Svetislav Nedic, Serbia
 BF&B Mention  Reflections  Dariusz Lyzbicki, Poland
 BF&B Mention  The last Player  Ede Tordai, Romania
 BF&B Mention  Dino  Nicola Esposito, Italy


AWARDS for theme (C)  F R E E  color

 FIAP Gold Medal  Muerte o gloria  Luis Ma Barrio, Spain
 PSA Gold Medal  Promenade  Vladimir Proshin, Russia
 FIAP Silver Medal  Dance  Raul Villalba, Argentina
 PSA Silver Medal  Am Fenster  Isolde Stein Leibold, Germany
 FIAP Bronze Medal  Dunluce Castle  Brian Hopper, Ireland
 PSA Bronze Medal  UW89  Sergey Buslenko, Ukraine
 PSA Mention  Bring clean to others  Changxi Zhang, China
 PSA Mention  No war  Eero Venhola, Finland
 PSA Mention  Surrander  Indra Prameswara, Indonesia
 BF&B Mention  No speed up  Sung Wee, Malaysia
 BF&B Mention  Busy beach  Xingshui He, China
 BF&B Mention  Waiting  Yansheng He, China

AWARDS for theme (D)  F R E E  monochrome

 FIAP Gold Medal  Treppenhaus 5  Reinhard Becker, Germany
 PSA Gold Medal  Dark city  Raul Villalba, Argentina
 FIAP Silver Medal  Mountaineering Party  Tsun-Hsiung Chian, Taiwan
 PSA Silver Medal  Rehearsal  Ciaran Whyte, Ireland
 FIAP Bronze Medal  Leaping with a smile  Richard Spurdens, UK
 PSA Bronze Medal  Football game in old Kostolac  Zeljko Djuric, Serbia
 PSA Mention  Travellers  Istvan Kerekes, Hungary
 PSA Mention  Hard practice  Junjie Chen, China
 PSA Mention  Bathing Girls  Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark
 BF&B Mention  Shrimpman  Shu Cheung Philip Ho, Hong Kong
 BF&B Mention  4 [four]  Vladimir Milicevic, Serbia
 BF&B Mention  Sailing  Yau Ming Charles Ho, Hong Kong

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Arriving at the Exhibition

 Theme  Photography  Authors  Country  
Nude 656 167 47  
Portrait 1112 278 51  
 Free color 1232 307 55  
 Free monochr. 1164 292 53  
 Total 4164      


Accepted at the exhibition:

 Theme  Photography  Authors  Country  %
Nude 190 102 40  28,96 %
Portrait 328 183 48  29,49 %
 Free color 358 204 51 29,05 %
 Free monochr. 335 196 51 28,78 %
 Total 1211     29,07 %